Shades of White Interiors For 2009

Whitewashed ceilings and beams are easy to maintain and can create an airiness that would not otherwise exist in smaller rooms that are do not gain much daylight. Neutral furniture with patterned soft furnishings can give most rooms a focal point whist its visitors can enjoy the serenity created by the decor.

Translucent effects can be created in the bathroom by using recycled glass sinks - in some recent developments, clients have also been known to order hand made glass baths to increase the illusion of space in smaller bathrooms giving an injection of glamour, without being too overpowering. The effect can also been complimented with Jerusalem gold terracotta marble (or tiles) and interesting shapes or elegant plants for that eye-catching finish.

Good use of mirrors and lighting is also a key element to creating the minimalist feel - large mirrors running across a wall in a narrow bathroom for example can really give the room a more spacious look, whilst delicate spot lights in an open planned living room complimented by discreet standard lamps in darkened corners can bring every element of the room alive. The dressing of walls and ceilings also plays an important part to any modern day urban space or Provencal self styled property.

Leading architectural moulding companies are in demand, as their expertise helps to provide the crucial finishing touches by ensuring that coving and dado rails maintain the minimal feel throughout each and every room from small bathrooms to circular bay windows, strewn with soft furnishings. House Martin, a successful interior company based in Devon and Surrey, has provided architectural mouldings to interior designers, architects and private individuals for over eight years. The recent introduction of the C335 extra large coving has been inspired by Xavier Donck, the acclaimed architect. The C335 has beautiful wave like lines that is ideal for larger properties. For smaller properties looking for the cool, elegant feel, the flexi coving C260F has been described as a delightful small cornice and has been widely used in smaller rooms such as studies and cloakrooms.