How to Create a Princess Room in a Weekend

Little girls love everything pink. There is nothing better in their eyes than a pretty Disney princess room all decked out in pink with accents of purple and white.

Start by painting an accent wall or all of the walls in pink. You can choose a color by printing up a picture of Sleeping Beauty and matching the color to her dress. If you want to tone it down a little, and not have it so bright, you can use a pink in the same color tone. Your local Home Improvement store can help you with that. Lowe's has it's own line of Disney paint colors, so in that case you wouldn't even need to bring in a picture as they would have one in store. They have brochures that will give you ideas on how to paint and decorate your child's room in a variety of themes, including Disney princesses. Keep the accents in the room light. The baseboards and doors should remain white as it breaks up all of the pink.

Next, the bedding. Choose bedding that is beautiful, but is also durable and machine washable. There are many princess quilts out there on the market. Try your local discount store to find bargains on kids sheets and comforters or look online to find special sales and deals on popular princess bedding.

Choosing the right decorations can be the hardest part of designing your child's new room. There are so many princess items out there, it's hard to know which one would be best. Start simple, add a few accents in like a Sleeping Beauty doll on the dresser or a princess mirror on the wall. To add a unique touch to the walls in the room, you could even put up some framed photographs of your child dressing up to be her favorite princess. You can add other princesses in like Cinderella, Snow White, Belle and Ariel slowly as you find things you think will belong in the room and not just make it full of clutter.

If this princess room is a surprise for your little girl, you could get some princes toys to add in. You could put a few princess dress up costumes in her closet to complete the look if the room is a gift for a birthday or other special occasion. No little girl can resist looking like her favorite princess. You could even hang a Sleeping Beauty Dress on the wall for decoration. Try getting 3 nice white pegs at your local Home Improvement store and hanging 3 princess dresses along a long wall for a stunning and unique effect.

The finishing touch is always the curtains. Choose frilly curtains to make a big impact. Everything in the room doesn't have to have princesses on it. Try some white lacy curtains or sheer white curtains to give dimension and interest to the windows and to the room itself.