Things to Consider - Basement Renovation

A basement renovation is not the same as building a house from scratch where the costs can be calculated with very little surprise. Remember you are dealing with an existing structure that may have flaws, cracks, leaks, slanting walls, leaning floors and other costly things to repair or correct.

Basement Remodeling Architect Fees
In many countries an approved architectural plan is required to get a permit to build or to start basement remodeling of any kind. The plan can cost up to $1,500.

Structural Engineer for Basement Renovation
The next thing to consider is if you will need to remove any pillars or walls that form part of the houses structural support. If you decide to remove indispensable basement walls or supports you will require a structural engineer to redesign the support system so your house doesn't fall down into a pile of rubble. This may also be essential because no reputable basement remodeling company or contractor will knock down walls or take out basement pillars if he is not absolutely sure they will not affect the overall stability of the house.

An engineer will also provide details as to the minimum size of beams and how to integrate a new structure system so the contractor can proceed with the architect's drafted plan.