Create Balance With Fresh Flowers

Fresh cut flowers always lift our spirits. Fresh flowers make us feel special which makes them a wonderful feng shui adjustment. Flowers throughout your home makes every room more welcoming. And as you place them, you charge the life force energy (chi) of each room.

You can create balance in your home and your life by the type of flower arrangements you place in various areas. If you want to enhance the Water element of feng shui, float a few flowers in a low bowl. The serenity of floating flowers in your field of vision is amazing. Which flowers? Basically, the flatter the flower head, the more float-able it is. Gardenias, Gerber daisies, black eyed Susans, all float very well.

Flower arrangements that are created with several different flowers all the same color are Watery whatever color it is.

Typically, people strong in Wood find flowers useless: a waste of time, energy, and money. Once their value as a feng shui adjustment is accepted by a Wood person, though, that opinion changes. Luckily, even the just stuffed in the vase arrangements look wonderful and encourage the development of other elements.

Fiery arrangements have lots of variety of color, texture, and shape. This may be lots of flowers in large vases. Fire energy is the whimsical, fun energy. To enhance the Fiery aspect of flowers, combinations that may at first seem odd are light-hearted, quirky, and just plain fun.

Feeling life is very serious business? Consider a tiny arrangement of one tiger lily, a sprig of Solidago (a fluffy, asparagus ferny looking thing with tiny yellow blossoms), and chili peppers.

Quintessential Earthy flower arrangements are those that are remind you of bed and breakfast inns, English country cottages, and Victorian decor. They may be in pastel colors. They will likely match the colors in the room. You'd never see a chili pepper in an Earthy arrangement. Metal energy is about precision, simplicity, and perfection. Metal flower arrangements are elegant works of art. Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging, is the embodiment of Metal energy in flowers.