The Perfect Theater Seating

You've just purchased the latest 50 inch widescreen LCD TV for the most central room in your home, your living room. The TV features high resolution which delivers imagery that is so real. You've also purchased the latest home theater system with the sound that is so powerful you'll feel like your right there in the middle of all the action. But do you have the home theater seating to match the TV and the sound system?

It's time to get rid of that old sofa or sectional and get the best that there is when it comes to home theater seating. If you want to create that sensation of being part of the movie, your theater seating should have a bass shaker system. The bass shaker system will provide you with the ultimate home theater seating experience because it works on a simple concept that low bass is generally felt and not heard. The bass shakers will vibrate and resonate with the dramatic force of deep bass that you'll feel a deeper connection to your favorite video game, music, or movie. Remember the scene in Jurassic Park when the Tyrannosaurus Rex stomps on the ground and the water in the cup ripples as he approaches with each new step? Not only will you hear the stomping from your sound system but with the bass shakers installed in your theater seating you'll feel each step.

The wiring from your sound system to the bass shakers in your theater seating can be a tangled mess and if not hidden properly it's not esthetically pleasing and it can be a nuisance. Wireless bass shakers will solve that problem. You simply plug the transmitter into the sound system. Then plug the amplifier into the power source of your seating unit. Finally, adjust the individual intensity of the bass shakers to your comfort level. You'll no longer have tangled wires since there will be no wires to connect between the seats and your home theater system.