Design a Home Theater Room

Deciding on whether to have a home theater is a big decision. This may cost a lot, but you will enjoy its benefits. When you are completely sure that you are going to have your home theater built, you need to know things about designing a home theater room.

You may simply run to a professional to have you dream theater designed. Although this may be the easiest resort that you can turn to, you still need to know stuff about design. How would you be able to tell them what you want if you do not know a single thing about designing, right?

You have carefully planned everything out. You already know where to place your home theater in your house. From this, you can now proceed to design.

The golden rule? Your equipment dictates your design. Of course, having a home theater is all about having the best equipment. You want to mimic the atmosphere of the movie house, and the best way to do it is to choose top of the line equipment that will give you the best quality movie watching experience.

Placement of chairs must be dependent on your screen. The larger the screen, the farther the placement of the chairs should be. Screen measuring 27 -31 inches should at least have a 6 feet distance. A 32 - 40 inch screen follows a minimum of 8 feet distance. Screens having measurements of over 40 inches would at least have to be 10 feet apart from the chair.

The location of the speakers is the next thing to consider in designing a home theater room. They need to maximize the surround sound feature. Placing them on both sides of the room would help in maximizing the impact of the sound effects. If there is a central speaker, it should be placed strategically in the center for everyone can hear.

When all of these are planned out, the theme of the room can now be thought of. Depending on how you would like your home theater would feel. Choosing chairs is one of them. There are choices such as reclining chairs, sofas, single chairs and sometime theater seats. You need to choose what will be comfortable when you watch a movie for about 2 hours.

You may also put cabinets when you might place your screen and speakers. These can also help in organizing your theater. You can keep your DVD's, VCD's, video tapes, and their players in the cabinets. When it comes to the wires, having a cabinet can help them to keep away from the audience which may cause accidents and can be distracting.

Choosing the perfect home theater design is a very crucial step in the quality of your home theater. You need to have everything planned and tested so that when plans are finalized, nothing will go wrong.

You will be spending hard earned dollars on a home theater is a big decision, so make sure that you have the best ideas in designing a home theater room. When all of this is done, you can now sit, relax and enjoy a movie in your new home theater.