How to Clean a Smooth Top Stove

I love the look of the smooth top stoves. Although, keeping them clean and beautiful is another story. I have come into homes that have beautiful stove tops marred by burned on food, boil overs, etc. They all have the same old cleaning solutions for this. None of which, remove the burned on rings that are becoming more and more apparent. Let me tell you how to clean a stove top and keep it that way. Without using harsh chemicals.

Materials Needed

  • razor blade/scrapper
  • vinegar and water solution ( I use one cup vinegar to 3 cups water, more vinegar when needed.)
  • If heavy grease remover is needed, I recommend Simple Green

Spray your stove with Vinegar/water solution. Let it soak for a couple of minutes. Use the razor blade/scrapper to scrape any burned liquids or foods. I have never had an incident where the razor blade has ever scratched the surface. Wipe away particles as you remove them. Respray as needed. If your stove is heavily burned this may take awhile and some elbow grease. If stove top is heavily soiled I recommend using Simple Green and letting it soak for several minutes.

Once you have scraped the burned spots from the stove top, wipe the excess away. If the surface is heavily soiled, clean top with Simple Green to remove all remaining grease. Final Touch: For a streak free shine use the vinegar solution to polish your stove top. In order to keep your stove top looking smooth and shiny, I recommend using the scrapper as soon as you are done cooking. (If you have any burns.) It prevents build up and makes cleaning your stove top easier. The longer you let the burns go, the harder it is to remove them.

After your Stove top is cleaned thoroughly, you should only need the vinegar and water solution to clean and shine. As long as you remember to use your scraper as soon as it gets a burn spot. Keep the Simple Green on hand for greasier jobs.