Feng Shui Decorating With a Theme

Feng Shui With A Theme is the art of decorating a room so that the room works well in addition to being attractive and easy to use. Themed decor revolves around a central idea and the feng-shui placement of decorating accessories to compliment the central idea.

When people first walk into your home they will get a sense of who you are. In addition to just using color to express yourself, you can enhance your home decor décor with a theme. Whether the theme is Egyptian, Greek, Pre-Columbian, Oriental or religious decor your décorating theme says a lot about you. This personal touch of a selected theme can give insight to your personality. A feeling of completeness in your decorating scheme is obtained by using a themed décor. A consistent standard of quality should be maintained so that each element contributes to the form and function of the area.

Today many business and offices also use themed décor. How about a shoe store selling Italian shoes with wall décor featuring works by the European masters? Or a French bakery with statues by Degas or other French sculptors? Lawyer's offices can feature wall plaques showing the scales of justice or travel agencies can decorate with statues and wall reliefs as decor from museums around the world and insurance agencies may want to use the theme of ancient Egyptian decor in their offices.