3 Nice Additions To Any Living Room

Imagine you are having a few friends over for dinner. Time comes to move to the living room for more some after dinner conversation. However, you notice your guests looking around & casually observing the layout of your living room- what carpet you've chosen, what pictures you have framed, & what furniture you have in the room. You notice a few awkward looks being exchanged & you take note to inspect the room later after everyone has left for the night.

After the crowd leaves, you step back and start asking honest questions: "Is this the best I can do? Would this be a place that I'd like to come back to if I didn't live here?" The answers may startle you a little bit...but the good news is that after you take an honest assessment of what needs to be fixed, you are well on your way to upgrading your house's layout for good...

So, if you have a living room & want to upgrade to a better setup, there are many things you can do to make it look better. Here are a few of them.

1) Invest in high quality picture frames. This is something that a lot of people seem to overlook when designing their living room layouts. Picture frames can range anywhere from the mega cheap that you can pick up for $5 at the local big box store, to hundreds of dollars from specialty frame shops. Investing in quality picture frames with good looking glossy wood can make a simple picture look like a million bucks. Quality frames are a very easy way to make a living room really come alive. Take a quick trip to your local specialty frame shop to see what can be done for your pictures, degrees, & awards.

2) A quality living room entertainment center can really add to the layout of your living room. In case you don't know, an entertainment center (or 'media center') is the big piece of furniture that holds your stereo, TV, radio & more. In most houses, it's located pushed against the far wall, far away from the entrance to the room & it's usually made out of wood or metal. Take the time to shop around for a high quality entertainment center that matches your other furniture & your room's overall layout. But, before doing so, write out all the things you want the entertainment center to hold & their dimensions. There are THOUSANDS of different types of entertainment centers & no matter what you have, one exists to fit all your stuff. Once you know what you need, shop around.

3)Finally, closely examine the entire layout of the room as a whole & get an honest 3rd party to critique it. Consider hiring an interior decorator to just come in & critique the living room when it's close to finished for a couple hundred bucks. This can be tricky to do because you want an honest opinion but you also don't want someone who's going to make up all sorts of extras that you allegedly need & soon you find yourself shelling out thousands in extra upgrades that really aren't necessary. Getting a 3rd party's opinion can be priceless if you can find someone who'll tell you the truth.