Bedroom Decorating With A Spalsh

Did you know that we spend a third of our lives in bed? That is why I believe that the bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house...I think it ranks right up there with kitchen and bathrooms.

Your bedroom should be created around the very thing we use it for...I call it the three R's... romance, relaxation and rest. Of course, there will be other functions performed in the bedroom, like dressing, watching TV, eating, reading, surfing the Internet and more.

First, consider all the functions of the room including what is the focal point of the bedrooms it is the bed. Consider the style of the bed in relation to your design theme, and also consider the size of the bed in relation to the square footage of the room.

Of course, if you are working with smaller spaces, you may not be able to fit a king size bed into the room. Here are some questions to ask before starting your bedroom decorating:

-- What is my personal design style or theme I want in my bedroom...formal, casual, contemporary, modern, Tuscany, Mediterranean? -- What will be the color theme of the bedroom... warm or cool colors? -- Who will occupy the room? -- What is the square footage of the room? -- What will be the furniture layout in the space? -- What other furniture will I need in the room... dresser, nightstands, armoire, bureau, chaise lounge, chair, desk, sofa or loveseat? -- What types of lighting will I need in the space...general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting? -- What kinds of bedroom accessories will I need for decorating the room? -- How many beds will be in the room? -- What style will the bed be? -- What size bed can I fit in the room?

Standard mattress sizes are as follows:

-- Twin: 39" wide by 75" long -- Double: 54" wide by 75" long -- Queen: 60" wide by 80" long -- King: 76"-78" wide by 80" long -- California King: 72" wide by 84" long.

Your bed is the focal point in the room and just as important as the furniture you choose. Your bed should resemble a work of art and must be highly decorative to create interest for the entire room. Focus on your comfort in the room... Remember the three R's in the bedroom.

Consider the bed linen, sheets, bedspread, comforter, throw, dust ruffle or bed skirt and pillows while keeping in mind your personal style and color theme.
And you know you can never have enough decorative pillows on your bed! Pillows add interest; color, texture, pattern and design to your bed so don't cheat yourself on the pillows.

The best furniture layout is to place your bed opposite of the entry door with the headboard against the wall. This gives added interest to the focal point of the room and directs the eye right to the bed.

Unless you have large spaces, try to avoid large four-poster beds because they tend to take up a lot of space both physically and visually. Try using just a headboard to your bed and not a footboard too.

Lay an accent rug next to bed considering color and texture. Next, select window treatments and furniture such as nightstands with table lamps for ambience.

Hang wall pictures with themes of romance and serenity. If the room allows, add a comfortable accent chair. Remember to never leave clothes lying around; this adds clutter to the space.

Perhaps with a more comfortable, inviting bedroom you'll find yourself wanting to spend more time in there, and eventually getting more sleep, which is always a good thing.