Beautiful Log Homes of Your Dreams

Many companies offer a wide variety of affordable cabin kits that rival even the most beautiful and warm Alaska cabins. So, stop waiting until someday and get started planning the home you always wanted today.

Because of today's computer technology, pre-cut log homes are easy to assemble and priced affordable. Most anyone can build any of the pre-cut log packages with no prior experience, or you may opt to have the home built for you. In most cases, no special experience or equipment is required to assemble one of these log home packages because all the logs are numbered and are simply bolted together. In addition to the log package, most people will need to hire contractors to handle the remaining aspect of construction such as the foundation, wiring, heating, flooring, plumbing and roofing.

It's extremely important to do as much research as possible before deciding from which company to purchase your log home package.

There are several things to consider before deciding which log home company to go with. Do make sure that you use a reputable, local engineer to design your plans because they will be familiar with the local codes and building practices.

The logs are delivered on a commercial flatbed truck once the sub-floor is finished and then the owner is ready to complete the home. It is recommended that you only work with a company that air dries their wood since this ensures that the wood cells are not broken and diminishes the amount of movement in the walls. The best companies will provide you with plans and a detailed layout of each wall which shows the location of each numbered log and where the bolts should be located. In addition, you should receive a list of materials, a description of each material and where each is used, as well as a list of tools you will need, a guide of helpful hints and some extra logs, just in case.

Whether you decide to select from the variety of pre-priced plans or require help to create a customized dwelling, the bottom line is that you hire a company that will work with you and your builder to meet budgets, designs & needs.