Customizing Your New House Plan

You decided to build your new dream home and right from the start began searching for the perfect stock plan. You can't afford to invest in entirely custom drawn home plans and you are just about to give up hope that this dream home is out there but don't quit yet.

Somewhere in those hours of reviewing stock plans, you probably came across a plan or two that was almost exactly what you were looking for, whether it be small cottage home plans or Spanish mission houseplans. Perhaps you want a slightly different exterior or you need one room to be slightly larger. Many home design designers and architects that develop stock home plans have modifications available for their house plans. Taking advantage of these options allows you to turn an "almost-perfect" plan into the dream home you absolutely love - and at a much more affordable cost than entirely customizing your dream home and starting from scratch.

Modifications to stock plans typically change some structure of the plan - from moving an interior wall, altering the exterior facade, or swapping out one foundation for another. To take advantage of these customizations, you need to be aware of your dream home's needs.

Know your lot : Before setting your heart on a specific stock plan with modifications, be familiar with your lot. Is a finished basement practical or should you look for a plan with a second floor bonus room? Can you build a house plans ranch walkout basement?

You cannot always perfectly anticipate your family's needs, but preparing now by finding a plan with an extra bathroom or a multifunctional bonus room is a terrific idea. In addition to space, look for plans that will allow easy incorporation of technological advances as well as good future resale value.

New England homes have peaked roofs so heavy snow will fall off the roof rather than cave it in. Coastal homes that face tornado and hurricane assaults have flat roofs that help avoid detrimental wind damage.

Take time to look over the plan carefully. Look at a few more stock plans and see if modifying a different plan would be easier. Depending on the stock plan you choose, the process may differ. Be prepared to submit a modification request form that should include detailed explanations of the modifications desired.