How to Create a Playroom That Will Grow With Your Children

Creating a playroom that will grow with your children is not difficult. Your child's first playroom will be when they are toddlers. Their space will need to be colorful, inviting, safe and have lots of storage space for their toys.

As your child grows, the next stage is preschool. A change of toys and a kiddie table or drawing easel for small children will change with your child's needs. Soon the room will need a bigger overall change as your child grows through grammar school years.

Then, moving into the preteen years the room will again need a major overhaul to match your child's growing needs and interests. The last change will be for your teens and should at this point double for the adults. Now the playroom becomes an entertainment room. As your child grows so do their interests and their toys get bigger and more expensive. Your playroom needs to change with them.

How you accomplish all this is really very simple. Using age appropriate pictures and posters, curtains that are bright and cheery and built-in storage to keep their many toys, projects, and games tucked away but handy with the age appropriate furniture, the room changes easily.

There is one very clever way to unify the room décor and add comfort and interest, and that is by using area rugs. When your child is a toddler, the area rug will offer comfort and safety and a place for them to lay on the floor to play. There are many wonderful choices for this wonderful, fun age.

As the child moves into the elementary school age, their interests have changed and they have favorite characters, or sports activities or perhaps dance or horse back riding. There are area rugs that have whimsical design and colors that will blend easily with their many interests.

The preteen will probably enjoy music or even play an instrument, or be an avid sports fan. There are area rugs with guitars as the design for instance. The choices are numerousand allow the creativity to flow.

Using accent rugs and runner rugs will help add interest to your room but they need to be placed to follow the lines of the walls. Placing the rugs at different angles will give the feeling of confusion.

Make sure when you are buying your rugs, your pattern is not too pronounced. If the room is large, the pattern can be larger and more pronounced but for a smaller room the pattern needs to be very simple or just a simple area rug with a border.

If you are using more than one rug, they need to be tone on tone or similar in color. This will give your décor harmony and be the difference between confusion when you enter the room and a feeling of relaxation.

Choosing the best size of area rug for your décor may be a little confusing. If you cannot envision how the rug will look by measuring your area, take some newspaper and lay it down in the area you want to place your new rug or use masking tape and mark the area. Now you can step back and get a much better idea if you size is correct for the room.

Your playroom will grow with your child as you make these simple changes over the years.