Funky Pillows For Your Living Room

Last spring, I changed the shower curtain in my master bathroom. Frankly, I was sick of the old one. However, I always liked the fabric and pattern, which was heavy and golden with intricate blue threading, so I really didn't want to throw it away. Instead, I laundered and ironed the curtain. Then I stored it in a trunk and almost forgot about it.

More recently, it happened that my tired living room needed some updating. The matching sofa and loveseat were in a high traffic area, as they hosted many a guest at the fireplace as well as the television. The set definitely had a lived in feel to it, but it was still in good enough condition to remain useable. As well, I truly did not want to make a major investment in new furniture. It was time to apply some tried and true home interior decorating ideas.

First, I changed the accessories on my mantel. I placed two green pillar candles--one tall, one short on either side of a grouping of hard covered books. Next I hung an antique mirror and framed painting from my great grandmother that I had kept in the attic for years. Finally, I added a few plants.

By then the room felt a lot better, but I still hadn't done anything about the sofa and loveseat except rearrange them. I tried to think of something I could do inexpensively to freshen up the look of my furniture. I thought about slipcovers and throws as I went shopping. While mentally dreading the thought of spending a few hundred dollars, I somehow remembered my old shower curtain.

With my creative energies now being tapped, I borrowed my neighbor's sewing machine. Knowing I did not inherit my seamstress mother's gift or love of sewing, I could at the very least try my luck at a straight line. I took two throw pillows from the old couch set and measured my shower curtain around them. After a few botched attempts, I managed to cover the old pillows with the old fabric, thus creating two new and I dare say chic accessories. I could feel the gratitude emanating from the old sofa and loveseat as I proudly displayed these beauties on them. My entire living room was updated and I was happy. I also saved a bunch of cash to boot.

For the icing on the cake, I lightly misted the room with Tangerine Organic Essential Oil (20 drops added to 3 ounces of water in a spray bottle). This transformed the atmosphere of the room from drab and tired to warm and uplifting.

The moral of the story is: with a little imagination, you can make something new from something old. Also recycle your old shower curtain if it is made of a cotton-blend fabric. If you don't want to transform it into a throw pillow, you can at least cut it into squares for your rag bag and use it to clean your living room and bathroom.