Big Walls Need Big Wall Decor

Big walls need big displays of art. Sometimes that may be a collection of prints or other art media. Other large wall areas command a single major piece of art.

If you have a large, blank wall, such as in your office at home or at work, in a recreation room next to your pool table or ping pong table, or in your living area or bedroom, consider a large wall mural.

You can have a custom painted wall mural if you have the talent or if you have the money to pay an artist. You can hang a mural that comes in wallpaper strips if you like to work with wallpaper and paste. Or, you can quickly and easily hang a one-piece wall mural.

A one-piece wall mural is the easiest and least expensive way to go. You can attach it to the wall like you would a very large poster. And you could trim it out with molding to make it look like a huge framed picture--no glass needed. A framed scenic could even appear to be a window view to a beautiful outside. Consider, too, how a large mural might look in place of a headboard in a bedroom.

Attaching a large wall mural will give you immediate decorating impact. And when you use a mural product that does not require any paste or other permanent adhesive, you won't have to spend a lot of work with removal and clean up when it is time to change your decor or you need to move.